10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Ranch Homes

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Published on May 30, 2023

10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Ranch Homes

by Anja Wright

1. The first ranch home was designed by amateur San Diego architect Cliff May in 1931 during The Great Depression. 

2. The first ranch home sold for just $9,500. 

3. Ranch homes became popular due to their wide open floor plans, being close to the ground, and having low pitched roofs. 

4. Inspiration for the design of the ranch home came from Los Flores Adobe, Casa Estudillo and the mud brick adobe homes of the Pueblo indigenous Americans.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright popularized his single story “Usonia” homes, before the era of the first mass produced ranch homes.

6. Ranch homes are typically designed in either an L or U shape floor plan

7. Ranch homes are also referred to as Ramblers. The style of house got both names as a reference to its connection to real cattle ranches which are also wide and spacious.

8. In the year 1950, 9 out of 10 newly built homes were ranch homes.

9. In order to add extra living space, many owners of ranch homes decide to finish out their basements adding amenities such as family rooms, bars, workout rooms, and home theaters.

10. There is a 2 story variation of the ranch home, called the raised ranch. A raised ranch refers to a single-story house that features a bi-level entryway and is constructed atop an elevated foundation.

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