How To Sell Your Buffalo NY Investment Property (For Beginners) From Start to Finish

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Published on June 1, 2023

How To Sell Your Buffalo NY Investment Property (For Beginners) From Start to Finish

by Anja Wright

I’m going to show you how we sold a 2 family investment property in Buffalo NY in just 7 days for cash.

My client John decided it was finally time to sell 

Step 1. I advised John to get the title search and survey done early so the property could close ASAP once we found a buyer. 

2. We did a ton of market research and created a price that would get buyers to bid the price up instead of down, to bid the price up, instead of down.

3. The best part, we gave John a clear estimate in the beginning showing him how much he would net at closing.   

4. We gave John written advice on what repairs made sense and which ones were unnecessary. 

5. We advised our seller to disclose all known defects to protect him against any liability.

6. Another challenge, both of the home’s units were fully occupied, so we spoke with each tenant diplomatically. 

The tenants allowed us to show the house every day of the week. Why? 

Because we communicated that our listing would likely sell within 7 days, and the quicker the home sells, the less we would have to bother them.

7. Next, we filmed a drone video highlighting the location, created a walkthrough tour, and took high-quality photos that showed off all of the property’s best features.

8. We then marketed the property aggressively, using social media, an email campaign, targeted ads and neighborhood postcards to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

9. Within 7 days, we brought 26 buyers and their agents through the home, plus 4 more buyers working with Roncroft directly, resulting in 15 offers total. 

10. John was able to pick the highest offer with the best price and terms that made sense to him.

The moral of the story is that with the right marketing strategy and smart work, anything is possible in real estate. 

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