5 of our Favorite Buffalo Businesses to support during February and all year long

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Published on February 1, 2023

5 of our Favorite Buffalo Businesses to support during February and all year long

by Anja Wright NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker

Buffalo NY is an amazing region as one gets to know the people who live and work here. 

There are so many important stories playing out, adventures being had, and businesses being built. 

Sometimes there is not enough of a spotlight shown on businesses that are doing exceptional work.  

Below, the reader will find a list of 5 (in no particular order) that are all doing wonderful things and certainly worth a visit. 

1. Saibo African Imports
Located at 81 Allen St. in Buffalo, Saibo African Imports is a small yet vibrant shop.  It feels like walking into an African market with it’s many wares and items.  Inside one can find shea butter, black soap, clothes, intricate jewelry, handbags, and scarves all imported from Ghana. Upon entry one will be greeted by the friendly shop owner Saibo.
2. K Marie Interiors
Recently we had the chance to sit down with KeAnna Hayes, owner of K Marie Interiors. She is an experienced home stager working throughout Western New York. Her specialty is staging homes to help them sell.  KeAnna is committed to providing a range of staging options for all housing types from low priced homes all the way to luxury.  One impressive thing about her business is that she does not outsource any of her operation, which gives her the ability to closely oversee quality  service throughout the entire process. Her success stories and before and after profile are amazing.  


3. Anderson’s Flower Shop 
One thing to know about our team at Roncroft Realty is that we all really love flowers.  To drive the point home, the house in our logo is surrounded by plant life.  Anderson’s Flower Shop at 1482 Fillmore Ave, in Buffalo has the best flowers in the city. Whether you’re looking to get a quick bouquet for a date or need formal arrangements for a funeral or wedding, they have it all.  The staff is absolutely lovely.  Be sure to ask about their Valentine’s Day roses. 


4. Sunshine Vegan Eats 
Writing this entry is making our mouths water because Sunshine Vegan eats is that good. Their Buffalo Ranch “Chicken” Sandwich is out of this world. It was not too long ago that the idea of a vegan restaurant with all plant based options seemed like a pipe dream. Considering how savory and tasty the food is here in Buffalo some of the more notable restaurants, the idea that one could recreate that magic in a totally plant based vegan way felt like a pipe dream.  We’re here to tell you it’s a reality! Don’t just take our word for it though, do a search and look up their reviews.  
5. Alana Adetola Arts Photography 
Last but certainly not least, we would like to highlight Alana Adetola Arts.  There’s the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Still, when seeking out a photographer for a special occasion, we want someone who can truly capture the emotion and excitement of the moment.  Good photography shows a clear picture with accurate refinement and detail. Great photography saves the essence of present itself and saves it for all time.  When looking upon her work, one will notice there is a certain feeling, a spirit even,  that translates across from every photo.  Her services range from wedding and romance photography to headshots, lifestyle, concerts, birth stories, and more. 
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