How redecorating can help you kick out the gloom from your home

The cold weather sometimes has you hesitating to step out of your door, all you want to do is stay home, under the covers and just relax, but soon enough it translates to dampened mood. How do you avoid getting dark and gloomy when the weather itself is urging you there? Psychology says there a few changes you can make to your home that will help you maintain good mental health.

To manage stress and maintain a healthy mind is a priority and sometimes, you can find yourself having uncontrollable low spirits, research has shown that physical stimulation is very effective to help you maintain a healthy mind and stay happy, in that light, since your home is one of the most intimate spaces that you stay in, making changes there can indeed help improve your mood. A great way to maintain a healthy mind through your home is by redecorating.

How redecorating helps you keep a healthy mind

Different studies by psychologists say that organizing your environment can help you to improve your mood. Large numbers of people have also reported how reorganizing their home even in a little way has helped them improve their moods, resulting in better mental health.

In cold weather, where you spend more time at home than you would during warmer weather, the way the home affects your mental health becomes even more important. A few changes here and there can help you feel instantly lighter. Think about it, your home is the first place you see when you start your day and the last place you see as well. Since redecorating it can lead to improved mental health, it is worth giving it a shot. 

Redecorating tips that you can adopt for a healthy mind

Indoor plants: You may not always be able to open the windows and just allow sweet fresh air to blow through your curtains, but you can get a little piece of the outdoors and keep it in your home. Indoor plants are a great way to blur the line between being inside and being outside and it is a great addition to the interior décor of your home if you are looking for a way to boost your mood. Fresh flowers are amazing for this because you can capture that beautiful scent of early spring even though it is a different weather outside. However, not everybody can take care of fresh plants, and honestly not everyone has the luxury of getting them regularly. At times like this, you can go for scented artificial flowers or build up your own beautiful hybrid bouquet of both fresh and artificial plants. 

Color selection: It has been proven that different moods are associated with different colors and this should be a consideration when redecorating your home. Changing the colors of walls and furniture in your home is a great way to make use of this energy. You need to work with colors that reflect what kind of moods you want to feel when you are in that space. Since we are looking for something to lighten the mood and lift up the spirits, you need to go for colors that are bright, pure and at the same time associated with good energy. Colors that keep you happy when exposed to them. White, yellow, blue, pink and green are great colors that can be used to keep the mood bright and at the same time happy, if you need something to get you a little more excited, you should be looking towards red. 

You may want to avoid a dominating cream color and orange as they can make you moody.

Decorating with meaning:  Another way to take advantage of redecorating to improve your mood is to design your home to carry meanings. Whether you like it or not, humans read meanings into things around them; things we encounter even when we are not consciously aware of it. If you find yourself feeling sad or negative, you may want to dig up things that carry positive and happy meanings to you. Look around your home and ask yourself how you feel about the little pieces of things that make up your interior décor, from the living room, to the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. Repurposing your interior design to embody positivity and happiness is a great way to passively lift your spirits. Try using artworks, souvenirs, and heirlooms in your decorations. 

Being creative: Completing tasks is accompanied with a feeling of achievement which helps to boost our moods. Perhaps things haven’t been going as planned and you have a lot of unchecked items on your to-do list, or you have been feeling your self-esteem may be at low levels. Now is the time to give yourself a confidence boost by redecorating your home. Take it on as a personal project and allow yourself to be creative. If you don’t have all the time and the entire home seems to be on a larger scale than you can afford, take it one room at a time or take on little projects. Try finding another arrangement for your furniture that works, get involved in some DIY projects, give your furniture and walls a lift etc. Even if you hire a professional for the project, try to give your creative input, that way you can look at it and say “I did that”. 


Removing clutter: feeling choked up by stuff can get you down, and psychologists have found a link between how organized a person’s home is and mental health. From studies, organizing your immediate space can have an instant boost on one’s mood. If you are feeling angry, stressed or frustrated you can try cleaning up your environment. In this same light, to improve your mental health when the weather consists of cold and dark clouds, a good idea is to remove clutter from the home. Doing this gives a physical outlook of a more organized space that is supportive of happiness. 

In conclusion, you don’t have to feel gloomy about the days the weather doesn’t allow you go out and do all you had planned because you will now have a calming and exciting new décor. In fact, you might even start looking forward to spending some time in your home with the help of these redecorating tips that will certainly help lift your spirits.